We welcome you on the official website of our Start-up "et.oui". We are seven students at the age between 16 and 17 of the "Wirtschaftsgymnasium Basel" (=economic high school). We produce and distribute unique, stylish and sustainable pencil cases. They are made of recycled teatowels. The name of our Start-up "et.oui" consists of the french expression "et oui = and yes" and of the word etui (=pencil case).  Our pencil cases are swiss made products.

Our team
Wir sind sieben motvierte Schüler des Wirtschaftsgymnasiums Basel, welche versuchen mit einem einzigartigen und nachhaltigen Produkt den Markt aufzumischen.
Our product
Our product, the "et.oui" is a unique, stylish and sustainable pencil case. All pencil cases are made with much love and high quality materials.